Who and what

Founded and run by Rick de Wit, born in 1947, Family HistoRicks is a new and affordable service to aid in your family history research in the case of Dutch ancestors, specifically but not exclusively when you live abroad.

Me and my research

From a very young age I have been very inquisitive. I always wanted to know why and how things worked or happened. It was therefore not surprising that I studied to be, and later worked as an applied mathematician, at university.This investigative spirit is still very much alive. My paternal grandfather was interested in finding his roots, but had stopped digging for them after he had found 3 generations. Obtaining this family archive after his death re-ignited the flame, and it burns ever since.
I have been conducting private genealogical research on and off for more than 25 years now, in person in the Netherlands as far as my Dutch ancestry was concerned. I needed external help too, since part of my ancestry originated from Germany, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, South Africa, England, and Poland. From the point of view of a researcher of genealogy this is very interesting, but complex at the same time.

What I can do for you

As time does not stand still, and the years progress, I have more time on my hands than I used to. So I decided to let others reap the benefits as well, and to share my knowledge and expertise in this particular field.
Most likely to use the services I offer are people from countries where descendants from Dutch stock reside. Those can be all kinds of European countries, but also nations as diverse as the United states or in the Commonwealth.
Contact and most research should be no hindrance as I read, write and speak English and Dutch fluently. Reading and speaking German is no problem either, nor is reading Afrikaans and French. I also have enough knowledge of Latin to be able to read certain church records.


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